A Week in Review: Oct 16th - 21st

Monday: Back to Basics - Succinylcholine and Hyperkalemia

The expected increase is about 0.5 mEq/dL

Exaggerated Response in: stroke, MS, GBS, Hemi/paraplegia, severe burns, spinal cord injury, prolonged immobilization.

Safe within 24 hrs of a burn, but avoid 1-2 years following burn.

Tuesday: Advanced Practice - Pearls for Intubating Myasthenia Gravis

A patient with myasthenia gravis requires a HIGHER dose of succinylcholine, 1.5-2.0mg/kg or approximately double the dose

LOWER dose of non-depolarizing agents like rocuronium and vecuronium.

Anticipate a longer duration of paralysis in myasthenia patients undergoing neuromuscular blockade.

Wednesday: What's the Diagnosis?

Thursday: #emconf - Discharging Patients with new A-fib?

Confirm < 48 hour onset or on effective anticoagulation.

General recommendations: start all patients with a CHA2DS-VASc >/=1 on anticoagulation whether or not you cardiovert.

Multiple studies show diltiazem is superior but avoid in CHF patients.

Friday: Critical Care - What's the Diagnosis?

Saturday: Board Review - Sickle Cell Complications

What infection causes Acute Chest Syndrome?