A Week in Review: Oct 23rd - 28th

Monday: Back to Basics - Zipper Injuries

Quick review of how to handle these painful injuries:

Techniques that involve the Zipper or just the teeth.

Tuesday: Advanced Practice - Dialysis Fistula Bleeding

1) Direct Pressure OR Proximal and Distal Pressure

2) Topical agents such as gelfoam, topical thrombin

3) Protamine to reverse the heparin that was given or DDAVP

Wednesday: What's the Diagnosis?

Thursday: #emconf - COPD Pearls

Remeber to try and use noninvasive airway mangement options prior to intubation.

If intubated, do not traget a normal pCO2

Friday: Critical Care - Pneumomediastinum

Determine Sick vs not Sick

What was the cause - Blunt Trauma? Penetrating Trauma? Esophageal Rupture

Esophageal Rupture is a life threatening Emergency that needs aggressive care and early surgery to reduce the high mortality rate

Saturday: Board Review - Febrile Seziure

What are the characteristics of a febrile seizure and who needs more of a work up?