A Week in Review: Oct 9th - 14th

Monday: Back to Basics - Facial Trauma

Noncontrast CT Facial bones is imaging of choice.

Check out the review of motor and sensory function

Be prepared to manage difficult airways, lots of suction!

Tuesday: Advanced Practice - Respiratory Failure in Myasthenia Crisis

Presentation: Progressive fatigue / weakness (maynot show other signs of failure ex: accessory muscle use)

Diagnosis: Check Vital Capacity and Negative Inspiratory Force (NIF), consider intubation at VC <15-20ml/kg OR NIF <-25 cmH20

Tx: Secure the airway, Plasma Exchange or IVIG, glucocorticoids

Wednesday: What's the Diagnosis?

Saturday: Board Review - Bloody Diarrhea

Review some causes of bloody diarrhea in an otherwise healthy 49M.

What is the right test to confirm the diagnosis?