A Week in Review: Sept 10th - 15th

Monday: Back to Basics - Treatment of Hyponatremia

Save 3% Normal Saline for patients with neurologic symptoms (Seizures, coma, impending brain herniation)

Otherwise start with 100-300 ml of 0.9% Normal Saline and free water restriction.

Tuesday: Advanced Practice - VL vs DL

Multiple studies have shown that VL is superior to DL for those with minimal / no training.

It also had a higher 1st Pass Success rate.

Wednesday: What's the Diagnosis

Thursday - #emconf - Palliative Care in the ED

Remember to pay attention to their agenda, not yours.

Avoid saying, "There is nothing more that we can do." Or avoid "Do you want everything done"

Saturday - Critical Care: Altered Mental Status

Hypertensive, tachycardia, febrile, AMS following medication change

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