What's the diagnosis? By Dr. Angela Ugorets

A 12 day old boy presents with vomiting every feed for 3 days.  He has lost 4% of his body weight since birth.  An ultrasound is shown below.  What's the diagnosis?  Scroll down for answer.








Answer: pyloric stenosis


  • projectile, non-bilious vomiting after feeds
  • patient will be hungry after feeds ("hunger vomiter")
  • may have decreased urine output (dehydration), weight loss suggesting this is not just reflux / overfeeding
  • commonly in first born males (4 times more common in males), typically presents between 3-5 weeks, should suspect in any infant with these symptoms


  • classically can palpate "olive-like" mass in abdomen, however is often not appreciated


  • Ultrasound - pylorous length over 15mm and thickness greater than 3mm are diagnositc


  • pediatric surgery consult for pylorotomy which is definitive treatment
  • evaluate with chemistry, patients are at risk for hypochloremic metabolic alkalosis from gastric acid loss, treat with IV fluids







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