What's the Diagnosis? By Dr. Erica Schramm

A 78 yo M presents to the ED with a chief complaint of blurry vision. His past medical history is significant for prior cataract surgery. He denies other associated symptoms. Bedside ocular ultrasound is performed and is shown below. What's the diagnosis? (scroll down for answer)



Answer:  Intraocular Lens Dislocation

  • Dislocation or displacement of the intraocular lens placed during prior cataract surgery
  • Differentiated from "ectopia lentis" which is the displacement of the eye's natural crystalline lens
  • Patients typically present with complaints of reduced visual acuity or monocular diplopia
  • Most common causes are: trauma (direct blow to the eye), systemic hereditary disease (Marfan syndrome), or previous cataract surgery
  • Ocular ultrasound will reveal a free floating lens within the globe
  • Patients require opthalmology consult, and treatment is either medical vs. surgical based on symptoms