What's the diagnosis? By Dr. Erica Schramm

A 60 year old female presents with right foot pain following a trip and fall. She reports everting her ankle.  She is unable to bear weight.  She has swelling and tenderness of her medial forefoot.  An x-ray is shown below.  What's the diagnosis? Scroll down for answer.









Answer:  Nondisplaced fracture of the right navicular bone

  • Most common mechanism:  Eversion injury (stress exerted on the deltoid and talonavicular ligaments); Stress fractures can also occur in athletes with repetitive jumping and sprinting.
  • Physical exam findings: Local pain and swelling, medial arch pain
  • Treatment: Immobilization (posterior short leg splint) and non-weight bearing are first line for 6-8 weeks; Surgical repair is usually reserved only for severely displaced fractures or failure of immobilization.




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