#EMconf: The Hook Effect

Happy Thanksgiving to all from EM Daily!  Hopefully many of you are able to watch some football and spend quality time with your family and friends.  The conference pearl for this week is from Dr. Lisa Filippone who explains why you may get a false negative pregancy test.   Take a few minutes to read about the Hook Effect...   

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Advanced Practice: Post Partum Hemorrhage

Delivering a baby in the emergency department is far from ideal and although all usually goes well, you need to be prepared in case it doesn’t. Shoulder dystocia gets a lot of hype because of those fancy corkscrew maneuvers, so instead of that we’re going to talk about another dreaded complication, post-partum hemorrhage.

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#EMconf: Are Trimester-Specific D-dimer Thresholds Ready for Prime Time?

Are you unsure if you can use D-dimer testing to aid in the diagnositic evaluation for DVT/PE in the pregnant patient?  This week's Critically Appraised Topic in conference discusses the use of trimester-specific D-dimer threshold testing in pregnant patients.  

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