Richard Byrne, MD

Critical Cases - Thyroid Myopathy!

A 36 year old male presents with complaints of swelling his his hands and forearms, as well as severe fatigue and muscle aches. He is in no distress and vital signs are unremarkable. "Time to put on my internal medicine cap!" you think as you sit down to take your history and puzzle out the differential diagnosis.....

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Critical Cases - Saddle Pulmonary Embolism!

A 68 year old male presents with ALS for near syncope at home. ALS reports they found the patient diaphoretic, complaining of generalized weakness and inability to stand which began acutely an hour ago. His blood pressure on scene was 60/palp, which improved to 100 systolic with a 500 ml IVF bolus. "Shock eh?" you think as you approach the room. "Better bring the ultrasound...."

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Critical Cases - Alcohol Withdrawal!

A 53 year old reported daily ETOH use presents via EMS for seizure at home. As you approach the stretcher you wrack your brain for the right treatment algorithm, realizing that this patient may die without the correct medications....

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Critical Cases - Torsades de pointes!

A 37 yo female presents with chief complaint of "electric shock" sensations down her arms and intermittent nausea/vomiting over the past week. Her vital signs are unremarkable. Little do you know that this young, well appearing patient has an acute medical emergency which will result in cardiac arrest in a few hours....

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