Vicki Parikh, MD


A 28 year old female G2P0010 at 9wga by LMP presents to the ED with nausea and vomiting for the past 3 weeks. She reports that since she found out she was pregnant she has felt nauseated nearly every day. She comes to the ED today because she has begun vomiting and is unable to eat or drink much for the past week.

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A 19 year old female presents to the ED with abnormal vaginal discharge for 5 days. She is sexually active with a new male partner and does not consistently use protection. A pelvic  exam reveals cervicitis. A vaginal GC swab is sent to the lab. Her urine hcg is negative. After discussing your concerns with the patient, she agrees to be empirically treated for GC infection today. She weighs 55 kg. What treatment regimen do you order?