Essential resources for COVID-19

The rapid pace and dynamic nature of information regarding coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is akin to boarding the freight train of preclinical medical education. It can be overwhelming to sift through the vast material available, particularly to decipher facts from uncertainties and, even worse, fiction. What are the most reliable resources for healthcare providers to stay current during the pandemic? The annotated references listed below are my personal favorites. All are free. Please share your own via the comments section!  


Annotated references:


1. CDC Situation Summary:

-The CDC has the best detailed pictorial descriptions and videos on methods to don and doff PPE. You will also find updated CDC recommendations for PPE classified by patient exposure risk.


2. JAMA Network COVID-19 collection:

-Contains the newest JAMA papers categorized by topic, including epidemiology, clinical management, and public health preparedness. There is also a multimedia section with incredible video interviews with various experts, including: 

                  1. Anthony Fauci, MD, NIAID Director

                  2. Maurizio Cecconi, MD, intensivist, Italy

                  3. Michelle Gong, MD, Chair of Critical Care Medicine, Montefiore Medical Center                                   


3. Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center:

-The Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering has an amazing interactive map of the outbreak:


5. New England Journal of Medicine Covid19:

-NEJM not only has the latest high impact data, but also publishes wonderful perspective pieces weekly. David Morens’ piece

that was published in February, “Escaping Pandora’s Box – another novel coronavirus,” likened  COVID-19 to the 1918

influenza pandemic and predicted where we are now. 


6. Our World in Data:

-Our World in Data is a collaborative effort between researchers at the University of Oxford and the Global Change Data lab. This interactive map shows the starting points for each country and comparatively maps the trajectory of confirmed cases. 


6. The Lancet’s COVID-19 Resource Centre:

-Here you will find content from Lancet Respiratory Medicine, which has the highest impact factor of any journal in critical care and respiratory medicine. Lancet Respiratory Medicine has a specific focus on critical illness and the management of severe ARDS due to COVID-19 pneumonia. 


7. World Health Organization:

                  -A great place for updates from live press conferences and also publishes daily situation reports that highlight landmark

                   events in the coronavirus 2019 pandemic.