Back to Basics: Recurrent Polymorphic VT/Torsades de Pointes

It's pretty easy to remember what to do with unstable polymorphic VT/Torsades de Pointes (shock 'em!), but what are your options with recurrent stable episodes?  

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Critical Cases - Pericardial effusion!

You are evaluating a patient for abdominal pain the usual way (with a CT of course!) when you discover an incidental pericardial effusion. Quick as a flash you grab your trusty ultrasound and head back to the patient's room, wondering how this effusion got there and what POCUS findings you should be looking for...

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#EMConf: The Brady Bunch is on a DIET: A framework for bradycardia

Bradycardia is defined as a heart rate of less than 60 BPM. In the ED, we may not always have the time to stop to consider the etiology of bradycardia after we have stabilized our patient (and after we likely already consulted cardiology!) Having a thoughtful approach to the differential diagnosis for bradycardia can be extremely helpful in treating the underlying cause. The next time a bradycardic patient presents to your ED, think to yourself, “The Brady Bunch is on a DIET.”


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