Internal Medicine

Critical Cases - Epidural Abscess Emergency!

A 61 yo male presents to the ED for the second time with complaints of back pain. While the overwhelming majority of cases of back pain are benign, there are a few "can't miss" causes which will result in paralysis if not diagnosed early. You ponder these diagnoses as you make your way to the patient's room...

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Board Review: Attack of the Bugs


A 25-year-old male presents to the ED with fever associated with severe arthralgias and a retro-orbital headache for the past 3 days after returning from a trip to Thailand. On exam he appears flushed and uncomfortable. Labs are notable for thrombocytopenia. What is the treatment for this diagnosis?

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Critical Cases - Hyperkalemia Emergency!

A 56 year old male presents to the ED with confusion and abdominal pain. You notice a fistula in his upper extremity. A tech hands you his triage ECG and you scrutinize it for the tell-tale signs of a common, life-threatening diagnosis in hemodialysis patients, while wondering what the initial steps in management are....

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