Courtney Martin, DO

Board Review: Potpourri

You’re working in the ED on a warm spring day and a 22 year-old female is brought in by EMS for respiratory distress. She has a past medical history of Asthma and Depression. She has been compliant with medications at home. While you are starting her on duo-nebs and placing an IV to give steroids, you look at her home medication list and see Flucticasone (Flovent). Which category of asthma do you suspect this patient has based of her medications?
A. Intermittent
B. Mild Persistent
C. Moderate Persistent
D. Severe Persistent

Category (Day): 

Board Review: Cardiology

A 17 year-old male presents to the Emergency Department with palpitations and shortness of breath that started suddenly one hour ago while driving with his friends.  No prior medical/surgical history. Patient denies any drugs, alcohol, tobacco use. On your exam, he appears short of breath. Heart rate is regular and tachycardic.

Category (Day):