Joseph Cesarine, MD

B Virus and 70% Mortality

While most patients presenting to the Emergency Department live in the immediate region surrounding the hospital, modern day travel allows patients to have recent exposures from the far reaches of the globe. One particular zoonotic infection, B Virus, carries a 70% mortality rate if not treated promptly. This post aims to introduce the B Virus and summarize the "need-to-know" as a practicing Emergency Physician:

B Virus:

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Chemotherapeutic Agents and Pulmonary Toxicity

As the treatment of malignancy evolves, the number patients who are receiving active chemotherapy presenting to the Emergency Department is increasing.  Many of these patients present with respiratory chief complaints ranging from mild dyspnea to acute respiratory distress. This post aims to introduce chemotherapy-induced pulmonary toxicity and review those chemotherapuetic agents that commonly affect the lungs.

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