#EMconf: Wisdom from New Graduates

Collaboration is KEY!
-Be humble, ask for advice from all providers: nurses, physician colleagues, techs, consultants
-Be proactive about building relationships with colleagues from the start; don't turn down opportunities to socialize outside the clinical arena
-Learn names, get to know EVERYONE you work with 
-'Win over' the toughest critics in the department: nurses and/or physicians 

Clinical Advice: 
-Know your responsibilities (if any) outside the ED such as airway managment in ICU on overnights.  Have clear guidelines about expectations outside the ED.
-Know your system's resources available, particularly with critically ill patients 
-Ask where your critical equipment is prior to starting your first shift: angiocath, cric kit, sedation meds etc. 
-Be patient: it will likely take at least 2 months to feel somewhat comfortable with the new system/processes 

Work-life Balance: 
-Get engaged/re-engaged in meaningful activities you lost from residency: golf, exercise, other hobbies
-Make a study plan for the boards late summer/early fall and stick to it!
-Live within your means
-Max out your retirement plan over the first 6 months
-Group texting with your classmates is a great support system