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Orthopedic Injuries Around the NFL: Jordan Reed's Acromioclavicular Joint Separation

During Week 12 of this NFL season, Washington Redskins tight end Jordan Reed injured his shoulder while attempting to catch a pass in the endzone against the Dallas Cowboys. While Reed continued to finish the first half, he was diagnosed with an AC joint separation at halftime. This posts will give an review of the evaluation and management of AC joint separations in the ED.

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Orthopedic Injuries Around the NFL: Tony Romo's Lumbar Spine Compression Fracture

During a preseason exhibition game of this NFL season, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo suffered a compression fracture of his lumbar spine against the Seattle Seahawks. While this was not a season-ending injury for Romo, the veteran quarterback lost his starting position to the exceptional play of rookie quarterback Dak Prescott during his absence. Also included in this post is key pearls about a Chance fracture, another important fracture of the thoracic/lumbar spine!

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Orthopedic Injuries Around the NFL: Derek Newton's Bilateral Patella Tendons Rupture

In Week 8 of this NFL season, Houston Texans offensive tackle Derek Newton suffered bilateral patella tendons rupture against the Denver Broncos. Newton's injury was particularly rare not only because of it's bilateral nature but also because it occured without direct trauma. This is a season-ending injury for Newton. On the field, Newton received immediate immobilization and eventually underwent surgery to repair the tendons.

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Orthopedic Injuries Around the NFL: Dez Bryant 's Tibial Plateau Fracture

In Week 3 of this NFL season, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant suffered a non-displaced tibial plateau fracture against the Chicago Bears. In the news, the injury was labeled a "hairline fracture of the knee." The injury resulted from Bryant landing awkwardly on his leg while being tackled near the sideline. Bryant is expected to miss 4-6 weeks.

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